The brand new colour inspiration is here!

The new etalbond® colour guides are out!

We are delighted to present the brand new colour guides for etalbond® aluminium composite panels.

As one of Europe's leading industrial companies in the coil coating field, Elval Colour is not only specialist in customising colours to meet customers needs; the continual development of application-specific coating qualities and trendsetting colour shades is a standard parameter. With the new compartments, we give you an insight into a wide assortment of creative color combinations.


Below you will find a list with the new colour guides' brochures that perfectly capture the current moment in design,in design, architecture, technology trends, as well as a brief description:

ALPHA - standard: "In the beginning was the Word". With 27 standard colour shades, Elval Colour offers a wide selection of shades, which are available on short notice in various lengths.

MATTE MATES - matte effect: "Opposites attract". Four supermatte trendsetting shades. 

IRIS – dual: "Color Duets". Different shades and iridescent highlights in one lacquer finish, depending on the viewing angle.

ELEMENT 79 - golden style: "Precious thoughts out of earth". Six interpretations of gold in exquisite lacquer quality.

OLD BLUES - metal patinas: "As  the years go passing by". A variety of metal visual effects efficiently transposed onto aluminium.

FUTURE CLASSIC - anodised look: "Ever lasting choice". An imitation anodised finish, with the benefits of a lacquered finish.

ATOM – anodised: "Designing Excellence". Genuine anodised with a protective surface refinement for long-term durability.

PETRA – textured: "One look is enough". Shades that you can feel! A special lacquering process achieves a unique haptic effect.

DUST & FIRE ceramic style: "Sculpt your vision out of colours". Ceramic materials reinterpreted.

PERFECT LIE - wood effect

PERFECT LIE - wood effect: Perfectly replicated timber decors

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