Coating, More Than Just Simple Coating

etalbond® facade aluminium composite panels are offered in the standard version with a weather-resistant coating in a wide range of colors. The following types of coatings are mainly used:

  • PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride): This system has established itself worldwide as a coating for aluminum surfaces in the facade construction. It has very good properties with regard to long-term color stability when exposed to UV radiation.

PVDF, Freiburg, etalbond
PVDF coating example, students residency, in Freiburg
Exampe of a PVDF Facade in Wels, Austria

  • VHDPE (Very High Durable Polyester Coating): This is a further development of polyester coatings with a focus on long-term color stability in UV sunlight. Among other things, this system offers the advantage that even high-gloss colors can be produced to be UV resistant.

Example of a VHDPE facade in Prague, Czech Republic

As a leading European company in aluminum coil coating, Elval Colour, also manufacturer of etalbond® aluminum composite panels, is constantly developing new coating qualities with advantages for various applications. In the following you will find a list of alternative lacquer types or finishes with which etalbond® composite panels can also be offered on request:

agraphon logo

agraphon® - is a transparent topcoat with the function of graffiti protection. The function is achieved by nanotechnology, whereby sprayed-on graffiti does not bond with the agraphon® surface and can thus be easily removed.

agraphon, etalbond
Example of a facade using agraphon®

arypon, etalbond

arypon® - is a transparent topcoat with hydrophilic properties. Liquids, such as rainwater, are evenly distributed like a film and transport dirt (e.g. dust) evenly away from the surface. This self-cleaning effect reduces the long-term cleaning effort and thus the costs for facade maintenance.

arypon, etalbond
Example of a facade using arypon, in Athens, GR
arypon, etalbond
Facade with arypon, in Athens, GR

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